about us

From residences to skyscrapers; From a key concrete pour with a one hour shoot window to capturing specific architectural perspectives under exact lighting conditions; Whether one site or a portfolio of twenty, stills or video, airplane or helicopter, oblique or vertical, ground level to 10,000 feet: I’ve done it before and I’m available 24x7 to do it again for you.


Your images will be captured using some of the best cameras and lenses that Nikon offers to enable huge, sharp, clear images that can be delivered fast, digitally or as prints. Prints up to 24x36 are produced in-house to guarantee the highest quality.


Aerialscapes is not just aerial photography. We provide vertical photography and mapping, aerial video, interior and exterior architectural photography, image editing, referrals, and multi-market photography coordination.


Choose Aerialscapes as your aerial photographer. At Aerialscapes, we do what it takes to provide the aerial imagery you need.